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Brilliant Mesh Network

Beyond Smart IoT Sensors

Beyond Smart IoT Sensors


EnviroSmarts®  has a wireless mesh network of smart water sensors. With suitable placement in high-risk locations they communicate their status with central monitoring devices for intelligent water leak detection and water leak prevention, delivering reliable multi-site coverage  and timely alerts.

Our team will assess your needs to make sure sensors and associated components are placed in all of the critical locations

Beyond Smart IoT Sensors

Beyond Smart IoT Sensors

Beyond Smart IoT Sensors


Our Mesh technology enables wireless IoT networking on a massive scale. It is a de-centralized IoT network protocol that can be used to connect, locate and identify:

  • lights, 
  • sensors, 
  • beacons, 
  • assets, 
  • machines and meters
  • control valves

 Providing logistics and energy monitoring with unprecedented scale, high density within a campus, building or industry, offering flexibility and reliability

Infinitely Scaleable

Beyond Smart IoT Sensors

SMS and Email Alerts


Our mesh infrastructure solution is designed specifically to be infinitely scalable across multiple buildings and include the many sensors we offer.  Our approach is designed for  very large deployments with minimal intrusion while addressing the requirements of each building.  

SMS and Email Alerts

SMS and Email Alerts

SMS and Email Alerts


With easy setup we deliver SMS, TXT alerts and Emails to multiple property contacts based on your escalation procedures. Associate these alerts or notifications with any number of responses from our sensors, asset tracking tags or embedded systems monitoring products. These notifications are recorded in our dashboard and accessible by multiple stake holders.

Customized Solutions

SMS and Email Alerts



All clients naturally have different requirements, even on the same property.  Our team listens to your staff to understand what is important to you; then customize a solution that fits your requirements based on function and budget. Our technology allows additional sensors to be added to an existing deployment as your requirements change and grow.


SMS and Email Alerts



Our mesh network was developed to monitor as many areas of your business where the technology can have a major impact.  Water Leak Detection, power control, asset tracking or LED lighting are just a sample of high return sensors we can swiftly integrate into a large property or estate and demonstrate a substantial financial reduction and saving.

Our Solutions

Consultation, Mutual Client Engagement, Installation & Monitoring Services

Ask us about: 

  • Water Leak Sensors (multi campus estates, Hotels, Apartments, Distributed Condominiums)
  • Asset Location & Tracking with Interactive Dashboards with full Alerting
  • Multiple Cellular networks providing resilient infrastructure independent SMS/Email alerts 
  • Optimized futuristic resilient wireless smart mesh network 
  • Self healing with built in redundancy & a least cost routing technology
  • Automated valve controls available for water or mechanical control

Immediate Detection & Alerts

We offer full engineering and design services to deliver site specific Meshed Sensor systems for your buildings. Allow us to monitor your properties, power usage, location & tracking of assets, to save you money and protect your estates and Business.

About Us

EnviroSmarts was formed from a group of industry experienced professionals with extensive working knowledge within the Water Damage Protection market. 



Our sensors and realtime Cloud Dashboard solutions are customized for each client's requirements, maximising the best of breed telemetry acquisition and management focused reporting. Our clients can instantly gain accurate insight into the status of their estates and hence provide responsive action and provide control over their business success and be protected against unexpected costly damages thus creating greater certainty over the financial environment..

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